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This is my official website, created for all of my fans to keep up with my very hectic and sometimes borderline exhausting life. Mitchell Shelby is no stranger to radio or live remote broadcasts. Radio has always been a passion of Mitchell, so between his corporate career and entrepreneurial endeavors, Mitchell has hosted two radio programs.

In 2004, Mitchell hosted“Your Money with Mitchell Shelby” a leading source of personal consumer financial information on getting out of debt and creating wealth. In 2007, he also hosted a internet radio program, On The Corner with Mitch & Barry, an internet Blogtalk Radio program hosted by two frat brothers speaking from their unique perspective on today’s topics, without candy-coating the truth.

Connection to 1380 AM WAOK
Mitchell is an avid caller and guest host on the Rashad Richey, Lorraine Jacques-White, Derrick Boazman and Sidney Wood shows. When Mitchell calls into those shows, people are listening and the boards light up to comment back on his interesting points of view and political commentary.